First Things First

We need to understand your business, your audience, what pains them and how you relieve that pain.

Sign Up

Pick a plan and sign up. After you pay, you will be directed to a page where you schedule your Power Hour.

Plans & Pricing

The Power Hour

Your Power Hour set up call will consist of a 30 minute to an hour-long phone call with your marketing expert. They will ask you several questions to better help you understand your customer and their needs. Your marketing expert will use this information to create content specific to your customer and their needs.


Once we know about your business and audience we can start to put together a strategy that will get you to your goals.

Get To Work

Once the strategy is set your account manager will work with our highly trained marketing team located in the Philippines to implement your strategy. You will purchase a bucket of hours along with your management fee and our team of virtual marketing experts will pull from those hours while they implement your strategy. When you use up all your hours just purchase another bucket of hours and keep going. The management fee bills every month but the hours are purchased only when you run out. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, turbo charge one month or scale back the next.


When you are ready to move to the next package you can or you can stay where you are, it’s all up to you. If you don’t see the results you want, you can cancel anytime and we will refund the remaining hours in your bucket. 


Delegating Tasks

When it comes to delegating the marketing tasks to the virtual marketing team, we handle that, our in-house marketing manager will direct the team to carry out your specific marketing strategy. You will have control of the hours used and the speed at which we use them, but as for the details of what we do, we will take care of implementing your marketing strategy. If you need to slow down or speed up your marketing strategy, just let your marketing manager know and they can make the necessary changes. You have never experienced transparency like this.

What To Expect

Once you sign up you will schedule your Set Up (Power Hour) call with your account manager. During that call, we will ask you about your business and what if any marketing you are currently doing. We will talk to you about your buyer persona and build that out with you if you don’t have one. We will set the initial marketing strategy based on your goals, your market and your buyer persona. The call should take about an hour. Before the call, you will get a worksheet that you and your account manager will fill out giving us all the info we need to get started, so you can look that over before the call and start getting all the information together that you already know.


Lets get started