Our Core Values

Content builds relationships


As we move towards an ever more digitally connected world, we see ourselves at the forefront of business processes. Innovating and streamlining the marketing processes that will shape the future of business.


We innovate and streamline marketing processes for maximum efficiency. We do this for all forward thinking businesses who understand that the system is the solution. We accomplish this by educating, teaching and inspiring the ProcessBlack team to better assist our clients, and by providing our clients with the marketing resources needed to move their company forward.


Okay, so for years we had been frustrated with the whole marketing industry, because we tried to get a marketing company to develop their marketing processes and use our virtual assistants to carry out those processes, and no one would do it.

Did I mention we own a virtual assistant company?

Anyway, I was sitting across the couch from Gabe (marketing genius) at a party and we started talking about marketing because he was a marketing genius, and I asked him, “how much of the marketing process could you outsource to a trained staff of offshore virtual assistants?” He said, “About 80%” I about fell off the couch.

Long story short, I explained what we wanted to do and he immediately caught the vision and we started Process Black Marketing, a marketing company that uses a marketing genius to do the 20% genius work and a trained virtual staff do the other 80% of the process.

Now as you might expect it wasn’t quite that easy, we had to innovate and streamline some pretty complex processes so a virtual assistant could execute them, then we trained our staff to execute each process. Now we have a marketing genius who helps define who the customer is and sets a strategy to market to that specific customer based on the goals and needs of that customer and a highly trained virtual staff who carries out that strategy.