List building is the process of getting customers to subscribe to your email list. Your list grows gradually and organically over time as you acquire subscribers from your website, landing pages, and other subscription interfaces. List building is essential to any email marketing strategy. 

Email lists are easy to build and more cost-effective than social media, especially if you’re targeting audiences other than millennials. An email is more personal than a generic post on social media. In turn, customers will feel more invested in your growth and progress. It gives the audience a sense of authenticity.

Here is a list of 8 top list-building strategies

  1. Make Signup Dead-Simple

Let’s start with a simple email marketing strategy you can implement right away. Make it as easy as possible for your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. No one wants to fill out government-level forms to receive a newsletter or an update. If you want to customize your emails rather than throwing out the details, just ask for the information you need- name and email address.

  1. Offer The Customer Something They Truly Value

If a customer responds to a Call-To-Action by registering with their email. Said customers are likely to be looking for something valuable in their inbox every day. What they don’t want to see is spam emails that simply clutter their inbox. You need to give them the information they are searching for and information they didn’t know they needed.

  1. Make Your Emails “Personalized”

A great way to begin with this process is to send your subscribers a welcome email immediately after sharing their email addresses with you. It is better to address your subscribers by their first names instead of generically saying Hello Subscriber. Keep it short, simple, and sweet.

  1. Be Bold With Your Call-To-Action on Each Blog and Landing Page

If you do not promote your email list and services, people are unlikely to join it. Your email list will not grow if you do not advertise it. You can potentially make every visitor to your website aware of your business by implementing Call-To-Action statements. These CTAs entice your visitors to sign up for in-depth information, faster updates, or whatever else you intend to send them.

  1. Give Subscribers An Opt-In And An Opt-Out Options

Customers dislike nothing more than getting bombarded with emails they don’t remember signing up for. Make sure customers are aware of what they’re signing up for when trying to get them to sign up. Also, provide them with the option to decline the offer. It’s the right thing to do, and it is usually a legal requirement in many countries.

  1. Catch Them Before They Leave

Exit-intent popups have proven to be powerful. They appear as soon as visitors are on the verge of leaving the page as a last-ditch effort to convert them into customers; it is the digital equivalent of someone stopping you while you’re walking to say, “Hey, take a look at this; before you go.”

  1. Host Giveaways

Giveaways leverage the self-interest of others. Give people a convincing reason to sign up with a giveaway, and they will be ready to sign up. A gift or prize can easily attract a large audience.

  1. Promote Your Content On Social Media

Advertising for products and services is typical, but you can also display ads for free content. Even though you may not see an immediate return on investment ROI, it is a great long-term strategy.