7 Social Media Content Ideas You Can’t Miss This 2021

7 Social Media Content Ideas You Can’t-Miss This 2021

Social Media is all about engaging your audience, that is why it has become an excellent tool for marketing. More than 3 billion people around the world use social media and use it on a regular basis. And, social media content ideas will be helpful for building a brand

If you are a business owner, and it seems that people are not engaging with your social media content, you may consider revamping your social media strategy.

Process Black Marketing has virtual assistant professionals who can help you improve your social media engagement. And yes, this will help you increase your clicks!

Check out these 7 ideas for social media content that will help captivate your audience’s attention and encourage engagement.

  1. Share social media content from other industry leaders.

Yes, it is good to be original with your content, but you do not always have to brainstorm ideas for your social media content. Sharing other industry leaders’ social media content shows your audience that you are in tune with your industry and are updated with what is happening.  

If you are too busy, have your virtual assistant share, retweet, or re-pin content from others connected to your industry.

To find related content about your industry, start following authorities and influencers on your brand.

  1. Create a series of posts with hashtags

Hashtags provide structure to your social media content strategy and create a way for your audience to follow along with your content.

While a series of posts may occur daily, weekly, or monthly. These are posts that make your audience come back to your social media.

Have you ever heard of the famous hashtags “#TGIF” and “Throwback Thursday”? These are popular hashtags created to bank off a series.

You can use popular hashtags that already exist or create your hashtags to put on to your series of posts and add to your social media content.

Just take some time to brainstorm and develop ideas for a series of posts and hashtags that you can use for your business. Like, you can try to post a weekly motivational story and use the hashtag #MondayMotivation. After you have some ideas on your social media content, your virtual assistant can post them for you and add the relevant hashtags. 

  1. Be creative through video content.

Video content is one way for you to show creativity and to share valuable information with your audience. 

There are a lot of ideas that you can use in your video content, such as:

  • Helpful tips and tricks
  • Interviews with customers or employees
  • Highlights of your products
  • Industry-related information
  • Driving with you video

And lastly, are you familiar with going live on your social media networks? This is an excellent way for you to communicate with your audience and to promote your business.  

  1. Repost user-generated content

User-generated content is content created by audiences, who repost on your site. This enables you to share the experience of others about your brand.

Content generated by users serves as a review or a recommendation that can help you earn more sales. The best way to get user-generated content is to create a hashtag. Something that is specific to your brand campaigns and asks your audience to post using that hashtag.

You can invite people to tag you with their photos as they use your brand and see their posts.

  1. Give away freebies and discounts.

Who can say no to freebies and discounts? Thus, if you are looking to boost your social media engagement, that is a great idea for content.

But how?

As a business owner, you can offer your products and services as a giveaway or give your product or services discounted prices.

In entering the contest, you may want to consider asking people to use your hashtag or to post a photo of themselves with your product with the contest hashtag. In that way, you would be sure that you will be giving freebies and discounts to those who are indeed your consumers.

  1. Share something about your team.

Marketing means connecting. When your audience sees the people working with you, you are giving the impression. You are not just a logo, but you are a best produce excellent services.

Create contents that showcase your team members, lets your audience know what they do for the company.

For example, you can create a survey with fun questions for your team members to answer, or you could ask your team members to share pictures of themselves as a child and use it for a meme.

Whatever the strategy is for this kind of content, be assured that this will make the brand turn from a faceless entity to one with real people behind it

  1. Show off the customer experience.

For any company, delivering a great customer experience is extremely important—the better the customer experience, the more positive reviews you will receive. And, word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendation is the strongest marketing strategy. 

So, you should check in with your customers. Ask them how they feel about your product or services. Listen to their feedback. You can ask them for a quick review or testimonial, then craft a graphic that quotes them and then post it on your social media or website. 

By showing off your customers’ experiences on your social media platforms, your audience will see how your business is experienced by others. This can encourage them to purchase your products or use your services. 

Then, let us help you create engaging social media content ideas.

Here at Process Black Marketing, we are composed of creative virtual assistants who create social media content. We brainstorm and develop social media campaigns with great social media content suited to your business needs.

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